WF-FR Standard Fire-Rated Access Door

WF-FR Standard Fire-Rated Access Door

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Durable, precision built STANDARD FIRE-RATED ACCESS DOORS are available in a variety of standard sizes from 8” x 8” up to 48” x 48”, and have different finish options. 24” x 48” size and larger is intended for vertical (wall) application only. • Underwriter Laboratories 1½ hour “B” label 250 F maximum temperature rise in 30 minutes, for vertical wall installations. UL File #R10364 . • Warnock Hersey International; 1 Hr. rating for combustible floor/ceiling assembly. Report # WHI-495-PSH-0191. • Warnock Hersey International; 3 Hr. rating for non-combustible floor/ceiling assembly, Report # WHI-495-PSH- 0192. This door may be used in a 2 hr. fire- rated wall assembly.


• Door: 18 ga. steel.
• Return Frame and Trim: 16 ga. steel.
Insulation: 17⁄8” thick mineral wool contained within door cavity.
• Hinge: Fully concealed, pivot type hinge. Allows opening to 170º.
• Latches: Self-latching direct action latch, opposite hinge. The latch will accept both key and knurled knob, which will be included with each door.
• Automatic Panel Closer: Furnished on all doors.
• Inside Panel Release: Furnished on all doors.
• Finish: Electrostatically applied baked grey enamel, over rust-inhibiting phosphate treated steel. This coating can be used as a finish or as a prime coat.

Ceiling Installation: To comply with current fire regulations, largest size acceptable is 24” x 36”.