Mircom FX-350 Intelligent Control

Mircom FX-350 Intelligent Control

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Mircom’s FX-350 Series Analog/Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel provides a loop for 60,126 or three loops for 378 input and output devices, four supervised Class B or A (Style Y or Z) indicating circuits, a full range of auxiliary power supplies, and extensive common control features via its integrated LCD display and push button console. Many of its features are fully configurable utilizing the built-in configuration capability via the front panel display and switches. The panels are available with or without an optional, integrated dialer/modem (except the FX-353 version which always includes the dialer/modem), and is available (FX351 and FX-353 - in a larger enclosure) with an internal LED display for up to 64 points (32 standard). Optional modules include Polarity Reversal and City Tie, RAX-332 LED Display Adder, and Class A Converter for indicating circuits. Semi-flush or surface mountable enclosures can be used for retrofits and on new installations


1) The FX-351/FX-353 systems will support the following items (ordered separately):
a) up to a RS1212 Battery (12 Amp Hr)
b) class A converters OCAC-304
c) additional relays RM-312 (12) or RM-306 (6)
d) PR-300 module city tie & polarity reversal module
e) a combination of seven (7) remote multiplexed LED annunciators, LCD annunciators & smart relays
2) The FX-351/FX-353 systems can be confgured via the front panel switches, or with the use of a laptop computer (requires UIMA confguration tool). To remote program or retrieve the alarm(200) or event(200) logs the panel must include a UDACT.
3) The RAM-300LCDW remote LCD annunciator is only ULC listed as an ancillary remote annunciator and can not be used as a primary annunciator.
4) The FX-351/FX-353 will charge up to a 26 Amp Hr battery which will require a remote mount battery cabinet (BC-160)
5) The FX-351/FX-353 include one 32 point internal annunciator. One additional RAX-332 internal annunciator module can be added to increase the internal annunciator points to 64.
6) Order End of Line Plates MP-300 Separately (one per signal circuit)